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Why KeywordEye? The Latest Data that’s why.

If you are a site owner, then you want to target what people are searching for on Google. If you are a marketer, you want to know so that you can target those customers. Well, KeywordEye supplies you with Google Autocomplete data that is better than the free Google Tools including Google Keyword Planner. Also, we supply you with what questions people are searching for on Google.

So, you can find what your customer is searching for and what questions they are asking. That is a very powerful combination!

Imagine knowing what people are searching for on Amazon. The United State’s largest retailer can tell you a lot about your market and what is selling!

If you sell on Amazon or just want to see what people are searching for on the America’s largest online retailer, then you are in the right place because KeywordEye digs deep into Amazon to find what people are searching for and delivers it to you.

When you use our tool, it is so easy to see where the retail market is headed in the United States and worldwide.

What if you knew what people were searching for on Youtube? That would help you tailor your videos and advertisements, right? Also, it would give you a great idea of what is popular and trending right now!

Youtube is the 2nd Largest search engine on the planet. You wouldn’t be doing good keyword research if you weren’t digging into Youtube searches!

It is so easy with KeywordEye. Find out exactly what people are searching for on Youtube.

Ever wonder what your competitors are doing to get higher rankings than you on Google? Well, just do a Competitor Search with KeywordEye and you can see their Keywords! What about their BackLink profile? Yes, you can see all of the sites that have linked to them and perhaps get those same backlinks to beat them at their own game.

If you know who your competition is, then you can use that to rise higer in the rankings!

If you can see colors and sizes, then you will be able to “see” the best keywords!

KeywordEye gives teams of up to 10 people the ability to share and sync keyword searches and data research. That’s 10 people searching and working for the same price. We think that is pretty awesome!



021 We are so confident that you will love our tools that we will give you your money back if you don’t like them and tell us within 30 Days.

Happy Marketer.

“KeywordEye is a great tool for keyword research. The visual approach is useful addition to keyword research for both our PPC and SEO campaigns. I’d recommend it to anyone who is involved with online marketing.”

J. Munro
SEO Executive

"The Keyword Eye tool gives some great insight into your competitors, as well as a whole host of keyword opportunities. The visualisations options are really cool and let you identify good targets a lot easier."

Matthew B.


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